Adjustable chromed dumbbells 4-41.5kg (torque)


vat included



Designed in Italy

The adjustable chromed dumbbells with 1.5 kg shots is new in the adjustable dumbbell market.

The weight is adjusted by rotating the handle clockwise or anti -clockwise. It is possible when the handlebar is positioned on the base. Once removed from the base the weight is blocked, the part of the socket has been designed to provide a non -slip function. This increases more trust and security during exercises.

A couple of dumbbells occupy less than half a square meter, making them perfect for a home gym, a personal training studio and also to train in a small apartment.

It is possible to use the dumbbells with the following loads: 4-5.5-7-8.5-10-11.5-14.5-17.5-19-20.5-23.5-25-26.5-28-29.5-31 -32.5-34-35.5-37-38.5-40-41.5

Material: Steel

Color: chromed

increases of 1.5 kg

net weight: 41.5 kg each

Size: 48 x 23 x 21.5 cm

handle diameter: 37 mm

length taken: 12.5 cm

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