Hip Thrust Machine 2.0


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Designed in Italy

The Hip Thrust Machine is designed to provide an optimal ergonomics during the training of buttocks. This means that the device design aims to guarantee maximum comfort and adaptability to the user's body with the movement that can be moved, reducing the risk of injuries or muscle tension.

The combination of inclined back , adjustable sphere bearing and large push platform allows to maintain a correct and stable position during the exercise, reducing the pressure on the quadriceps and maximizing the activation of the muscles of the buttocks and the rear muscles of the thigh . In this way, the Hip Thrust Machine helps you to get the best results from the training of buttocks in a safe and effective way .

All without occupying a lot of precious space.

have you noticed?
- The back is adjustable, adapting better up to par. greater comfort

Material: steel and synthetic skin

length: 152cm

Width: 101m

height: 75cm

Weight: 70kg

Maximum weight load: 100kg

Maximum user capacity: 150kg

2 Firm iron discs in homage

Includes the adapter: it can opt both the 50 mm and 28 mm hole records.

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